Christoffer Danst
Team Captain

We at AAU Racing are a team of students from Aalborg University that compete in the Formula Student, a worldwide engineering competition. At the competition, our engineering design, business plan, cost analysis and racing performance gets evaluated. Our aim as a team, is to produce fast, reliable cars and to continuously improve.

With few exceptions, all parts of the car are designed by team members, while manufacturing is split between the team and several sponsors. Thereby, we follow the parts all the way from the initial design phase to testing in the car. All of this is done in our spare time, to expand our knowledge and to get some fantastic experiences. This also includes the challenges managing a complex project by combining several different areas of expertise. Due to this, we hope to not only become a great racing team, but also to provide our members a wider knowledge base and valuable experience by the time we complete our education.




I dag var bilen ude og køre på Aalborg flyvestation for at samle data til flere igangværende projekter. I alt 19 sensorer af forskellige typer var monteret på bilen. Desværre nåede bilen kun at trille en enkelt kort tur, inden et mindre teknisk problem satte et punktum for dagen. Nu er det igang med databehandling for at få oversat en masse tal til brugbar viden og rette problemet med bilen, så vi snart kan komme afsted igen.


Today we tested the car in order to collect a lot of data for different projects. A total of 19 sensors of different kinds were attached to the car. Unfortunately a minor technical issue ended the day after only a short run. Analyzing the data and fixing the car is our next step so we can get out on track again soon.



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Der bliver lagt sidste hånd på bilen inden årets første test i morgen.

Final touches before the first test of the year tomorrow!



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Kom og mød os til uddannelsesmesse på Create i dag 9-16 🏎



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Vi har i dag været til møde med SDU-Vikings, VIA Hunters og DASU om vores nuværende og fremtidige arbejde omkring Formula Student indenfor Danmark. Vi håber dette kan være med til at fremme kendskabet til vores projekt og føre til tættere samarbejde 🏎


Today we met with SDU-Vikings, VIA Hunters and DASU to talk about our present and future collaboration regarding Formula Student within Denmark. Hopefully this will help spread the word about our project and lead to great things 🏎



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Roses are red, our new SLS printed plenum is blue
Formula Student Austria 2019 we choose you ❤️

We had a little turbulence regarding the choice of competition for the upcoming summer but Austria it is🏎🇦🇹

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team spending the night in the workshop 😀