We’re always looking for new team-members, who are interested in; racecar development and manufacture, racing, traveling and the spirit of good teamwork. We welcome visitors, and give guided tours to those who are interested. Potential team-members are required to be enrolled in an education under Aalborg University; otherwise we only require your interest in our project!

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We value new team-members with special skills in the fields of, mechanical and electrical design, machining, composite-manufacture, organizing and engine-tuning. These skills are not required, and you will be able to learn once you join the team. Joining the team has some benefits, including courses in machining and safety courses in epoxy-handling and welding §26. Non the least, it's fun to be a part of Unicorn and a great way to meet your fellow students. 

Please feel free to contact us for more precise information.

Any questions can be addressed to our teamleader Christoffer Danst.

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Mail: contact@aauracing.dk